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It can be a challenge to find interesting and unique gifts, and finding handmade gifts, made by a real person, is our latest dilemma. Some e-commerce sites lead you to believe you are purchasing a handmade item from a particular person. In the end, many of these items are imported, and you never know who has had a hand in making your item. 


You can be assured that I have had a hand in making all the items on this site. 


I feel that many goods, in today's marketplace, lack something personal or special. Most are mass produced and imported. I question sometimes whether a person had a hand in making the item at all. That’s why I like making and giving hand crafted items as presents. It makes gift giving personal. I also like working with my hands to create something special – for someone special. I try and use recycled materials when I can.  I reuse denim for the aprons, and reuse woven fabrics for the letters on my personalized towels. Towels and aprons can also be made with a customer’s fabric. This makes the gift even more special.


I live in New York City with my husband and two children. It’s a great place to work and to live. I’m a former public school health teacher, and private school handwork assistant. When I’m not “just hanging around,” I am busy designing and creating various projects for charity events. You'll never find me sitting around eating bon bons - I'm more likely making them. 


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Ann Nioche
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