Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Are all of your items handmade?

A: All items are handmade only by me. Towels, hangers, and clothing are blanks that I simply decorate.

Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?
A: If an item is in stock and does not require customization, it can be shipped right away. Your location will determine how long an item will take to get to you. Priority shipping is available for an additional charge, please contact me.


Q: How do you handle returns and/or exchanges?
A: As long as the item hasn't been worn, used, washed, or damaged you may return it.  Please contact me.


Q: Where did you come up with the name Just Hanging Around?

A: I started my business selling my painted hangers, and the name came simply from them. The name has so much more meaning to me now. After I stopped working, and started my small home business, people would ask me what I did. At first, I would joke and say that I "just hang around" all day and then I would laugh and explain that it's my business name. I'm bothered by the thought that some people seem to think we really do kick up our heels and eat bon bons all day long. It's important for me to have people understand that stay-at-home parents and others that work from home deserve recognition and respect too. I know I'm not "just hanging around" eating bon bons, I'm making them!


Towel Questions

Q: Do the towels need to be washed, and what do I do if I have a loose thread?
A: Yes, the towels are new and should be washed before using. If you have a loose thread cut it with a scissors, don't pull it.


Q: Do you have an assortment of towel sizes and colors available? Can I order a set?
A: I typically have white, bath-sized towels in stock along with a few other colors. Contact me and I will let you know what I have available or what I can get for you, including sets. 


Hanger Questions

Q: Can I mix and match the animals and hanger colors? Can I change the color of paint for the name on the hangar?
A: Yes, you can mix and match the animals and hanger colors! Contact me regarding paint colors for the name, other colors are available upon request.


Q: How are the animals attached to the hanger? Can I remove them?
A: The original purpose of having the animal on the hanger was to distract a baby/young child while you change them. So, each animal has a small hand stitched loop attached to the back of them for the purpose of removing them from the hanger.


Snap Suit Questions

Q: I know tie-dye colors and patterns vary widely, can I request a certain pattern?
A: Contact me and explain what you are looking for and I will gladly send you photos of what I have in stock and you can choose your favorite.


Q: I’m not sure what size one piece/snap suit to order as a gift, do you recommend a size for a newborn?
A: I think it’s always safer to buy a larger size. Babies vary in size but grow pretty quickly. 


Denim Questions

Q: What are the dimensions of the apron?  Do you have another style?

A: The length is approximately 22 inches, the width is approximately 26 inches, and the ties are each approximately 33 inches long. I'm in the process of working on another apron design that will be unisex. Please check back.


Q: Can you make me an upcycled denim item from my own jeans?
A: I can certainly use your jeans, but since they are custom they will require more time to make. It’s a great idea do use your own jeans or the jeans of someone special to you. 


Doll Questions

Q: I’m interested in a custom doll, what clothing is available for the doll?
A: Unfortunately, my dolls are delivered in the buff. If you are interested in clothes for your doll some other doll clothes may fit. There are so many dolls on the market today and clothing sizes vary with the doll size. If you find a doll of a similar size, chances are the clothes will fit your doll as well. Contact me if you have any further questions about clothing. Note: Dana Grant, NYC, is the designer that created the clothes pictured. I painted the New York top on the brunette doll.


Knitting Needle Questions

Q: Do the knitting needles come in any other size?
A: I only make size 10 needles. This size is perfect for all knitters, from the novice knitter to the more advanced one.